Platform Configuration

During execution I get a java.lang.NullPointerException

The Problem

When attempting to execute a MyST action you receive the following error:

The Cause

A MyST property is set to an empty string resulting in a null or None object. Usually occurs when you define a property's value and later clear the value.

  1. For example the screenshot below shows the Custom Identity Keystore defined.

  2. Later you may wish to unset the Custom Identity Keystore by deleting the property's value.

  3. This results in the property being a null or None type object

The Solution

Reset properties that are not used. Reset can achieve the following:

  • restore the property to its auto-computed value (eg. resetting AdminServer listen port will reset to 7001)

  • restore the property to its inherited blueprint value (if resetting from Platform Model)

  • removes the property (if not an auto-computed property)

To reset a property:

  1. When in edit you can highlight over the property name and click the 'X' button to reset a property.

  2. Now the Custom Identity Keystore is no longer displayed.

  3. Remember to Save and Commit your changes.