Platform Configuration

Cannot open a Platform Model or Blueprint

If there is an error opening the Blueprint or Model then it has been corrupted by invalid data. This guide explains how to revert to a previous revision.

Reverting to a Previous Revision

The word Model and Blueprint can be interchangable depending on which is corrupted.

  1. Go to Modeling > Platform Models

  2. Take note of the Latest version column for your Model

  3. Open the browser's Developer Tools (normally F12 on the keyboard) to identify the Model ID

  4. Click your Platform Model > Actions > Configuration

  5. Click the Network tab and then the ID and then copy the Model ID

  6. Replace the variables of the URL:


  7. Paste the URL into your browser

  8. Click

  9. Click

  10. Enter a meaningful commit message

  11. Click

  12. You have successfully reverted your Platform Model to a previous revision

A description of the variables to be replaced.




Your myst hostname


Unique ID of the Platform Model taken from Developer Tools


The version taken from 1.0.0[pr4][pm7] (eg. 1.0.0)


IMPORTANT: Minus one from the revision taken from 1.0.0[pr4][pm7] (eg. 7-1=6) You want to go back a revision as 7 will be corrupted.


We have a pending internal ticket FC-6556 which will significantly improve the user experience for reverting revisions of corrupted Platform Models and Blueprints.

Keep an eye on for the improvement.