Platform Configuration

Upgrading to v5.5.1.0+ created new RCU properties. What now?

In MyST new Platform Blueprints and Models prompt for the Database Host, Port and Service Name rather than the complete URL. Existing Platform Blueprints and Models can be updated to utilize Database Host, Port and Service Name properties. This functionality allows support for short format JDBC URLs to be used with Oracle RCU and long format JDBC URLs with WebLogic JDBC DataSources such as GridLink.

Understanding the New RCU Properties

Platform Blueprint

The following properties have been added and updated:

  • db-url

    • set as a short url

    • uses db-host, db-port and db-service-name properties (more on this in the Platform Model section)

  • db-runtime-url

    • set as a short url if using generic DataSources or;

    • set as a long url if using gridlink DataSources

  • the default OFMW platform DataSources (eg. mds-soa) use the db-runtime-url property

    WebLogic Record

Platform Model

The following properties are new and will be undefined:

  • db-host

  • db-port

  • db-service-name

Using the new RCU Properties

To effectively use the new RCU properties you can: 1. Go to your Platform Model > Product > RCU 2. Update the db-host, db-port and db-service-name properties WebLogic Record 3. Delete the db-url. This resets the property so it now inherits from the blueprint. WebLogic Record 4. Click Save and Save again. 5. You will see the db-url re-generated with a resolved value. WebLogic Record 6. Save and Commit your changes